3055A Scott Street, Victoria, BC
Open 9:00am to 8:00pm PST, seven days a week. (19+)

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The Dispensary

The Dispensary at Farmacy Victoria is Canada’s most robust offering of cannabis based products, hands down. Becoming a member is easy and new members can request an intake consultation right here, or by calling 250-592-0027. The dispensary is conveniently open from 9:00am to 8:00pm, seven days a week, it’s no wonder many consider Farmacy to be the best medical cannabis dispensary in Victoria.


What is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary?

A medical cannabis dispensary is a facility which allows patients to access cannabis based products. Throughout North America, recent regulatory changes have allowed for more of these facilities to surface, in almost every major city, and in many smaller towns.

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries may offer different products based on their access to suppliers and readiness of product. For this reason, many dispensaries in Ontario may end up with frequent stock shortages and unreliable menus.

Thankfully, Farmacy is the largest Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Canada. Farmacy offers fresh, consistent and reliable cannabis based products to all members. Many featured strains will come in during season, but these are purely supplements to a vast menu of consistently available cannabis strains.

Farmacy is Always Open

When you’re a member with us, feel free to shop at your own leisure. Our online store is conveniently open 24/7, and our dispensary is open until 8:00pm daily! Farmacy is open on statutory holidays (except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day) during select hours. Just give us a call on the day-of to see our holiday hours, or check our Facebook page.

A Truly BC Dispensary

Farmacy is born and raised in BC, dispensary, products, staff and all. We’re local to Victoria, BC and source our products from local and trusted suppliers. Farmacy is without a doubt the best BC Dispensary to be a part of – call us today to schedule your intake session!