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for the BC Cancer Foundation

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Proudly donating every $2 service fee to the BC Cancer Foundation, supporting life-saving immunotherapy cancer research taking place in Victoria at the BC Cancer Agency’s Deeley Research Centre and helping to expand access to PET/CT Imaging across British Columbia.


Expanding PET/CT Imaging Across British Columbia

Over the course of a lifetime, an individual has a 43% chance of hearing three life-altering words: “You have cancer.” Treatment is difficult for patients and families, and can be a source of anxiety and uncertainty. British Columbians deserve the best care, as close to home as possible. PET/CT is proven as one of the most useful tools for obtaining a complete picture of a patient’s cancer, with an ability to detect cancer cells at an early stage – even before the cells start forming a mass or tumour. Its use has become standard practice across the entire spectrum of cancer care — from diagnosis to treatment planning, to evaluating the effectiveness of treatment and assessing if cancer has spread or returned.

In B.C., there are currently two publicly-funded PET/CT scanners, both located at the BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre. And while the province has been extremely efficient in the use of these two scanners, they are unable to meet current demand. The BC Cancer Foundation, in partnership with the BC Cancer Agency and Province of British Columbia, has launched a $5 million fundraising campaign to purchase and install a new state-ofthe-art PET/CT scanner at the BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Island Centre in Victoria. Farmacy members who use the ATM located at our dispensary (3055 Scott Street, Victoria, BC) are donating the $2 ATM fee to help support this campaign, which benefits everyone.

For more information on PETCT imaging, refer to these BC Cancer Foundation blogs:

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Or download the BC Cancer Foundation brochure on expanding access to PETCT imaging across British Columbia.

Supporting the Deeley Research Centre

The Deeley Research Centre is an integral part of the BC Cancer Agency’s Vancouver Island Centre. Right here in Victoria, researchers are studying how the immune system responds to cancer and how best to enhance this response for preventative and therapeutic purposes. Immunotherapy clinical trials around the globe are showing great promise in treating cancers like melanoma and childhood leukemia. We hope to see the same results here in BC with clinical trials starting this year for cervical and ovarian cancers.

Click here for more information on the Deeley Research Centre. 

Farmacy and the BC Cancer Foundation are thankful for the kind donations from our Members.

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